BPE Fabric Spray Product introduction

An insect repellent spray of a new concept called "deodorant capable insect repellent" joins the BUG PROTECTOR series.

BPE Fabric Spray is a completely new high performance insect repellent spray that combines "insect repellency and deodorant" and has multiple functions, and is committed to safety, safety and high performance.

ABOUT BPE Fabric Spray

What is BPE Fabric Spray?

It is a high performance spray that combines multiple functions such as "insect repellency and deodorant"

The all-in-one spray which can solve all your summer trouble. Not to mention a protecting against insects effect, you can use it as fragrance and have the deodorant effect. The conventional nature system protecting against insects product did not bring an insect close using the hateful smell of the insect. However, the smell (eucalyptus, citronella, peppermint, Cymbopogon citratus, lavender etc) that the insect dislikes...) It is a strong fragrance of herb and the citrus fruit. We think that there are many people who are weak in such a fragrance. Therefore, our anti-bug spray uses only insecticidal ingredients slightly contained in eucalyptus essential oil. Because there is no fragrance in the insect repellent ingredients themselves, it has become possible to attach various scents that have never existed. Addition to that, Of course, children can use it with peace because it has a  deet nonuse.

Certain effectiveness and reasons for ease of use

It is different from other products, performing protecting against insects with a fragrance of the aroma oil.

The eucalyptus essential oil was known that it was effective to avoid an insect, but its strong fragrance was its weak point. We created a high protection against insects by using only the insecticide ingredient to contain for the essential oil.

Because we use a natural ingredient, it is very safe for children and it doesn't have a sickness like deet. By adding more deodorant ingredients, you can also suppress the smell of sweat which is anxious as well as insect repellent, clothing, fabric, space, and it can be used widely.

Deet (pesticide, insecticide ingredient) nonuse.

Ingredient use derived from 99% nature.

Paraben nonuse.

Silicon nonuse.

Coloring agent no addition.

It is available from a child to an adult.

This product is made in Japan of the relief.

The new suggestion called an insect repellent enjoying a fragrance.

From three kinds of fragrances, you can choose them to preference.

The protection against insects that the sense called the drug was strong and was only used for "protecting against insects only when it was necessary". We used it for a fragrance sense every day in BPE Fabric Spray and manufactured three kinds of fragrances and this became possible. It is a high-performance spray made with naturally derived insecticide (essential oil) ingredient.

Natural Forest

We image subtle fragrance like in forest.
It is recommended in the person who is weak in child and a strong fragrance or that a smell of one's perfume does not want to be disturbed. A fragrance of the herb mixture to let you feel a forest of nature which is main in peppermint, cedarwood, a lavender to be.

Garden Party

We image a fragrance with the depth where there is sense of quality.
A refined fragrance reflecting the image of an elegant feeling of fresh and young, tender delicate Rose. The fresh floral fragrance that blended jasmine with a freesia to a base with the extract of a rose in full glory beautifully. The top note is a freesia, the middle note is Rose and the last note is a fragrance of the jasmine.

Pure Soap

We image refreshing fragrance.
It is a smell easy softly such as the bath up and the refreshing fragrance that even the person who does not like perfume is easy to use. At time that the strong fragrance is hard to spend in a school and an office. A fragrance of soap feeling an apple and a pair.

Commitment to safety, and high performance

The formulation to maximize the use of naturally derived insect repellent and deodorant

Many insect repellent products use deet (originally pesticides and insecticidal ingredients) and they are effective. However, it can not be said that there is no human-like effect. On the contrary, many of the insects by natural ingredients are using a eucalyptus essential oil, so it has a strong aroma of herb and citrus lines, and it can not be said that it is easy to use, and the insect repellent effect is also weak.

BPE Fabric Spray has a special repellent ingredient that is naturally derived buy a certain effect. It protects you from unpleasant insects that could not be prevented by just using the fragrance of aroma oil.

Please try out "BPE Fabric Spray", our new insect repellent which you can enjoy the formulated scent of the insect repellent· deodorant, each effect to the maximum, and enjoy scent.




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